Why You Should Try Out On-Site SEO

Many SEO consultants, and indeed most website developers and designers, pay very little attention to on-site SEO. However, the effect of SEO on the site could be significant enough to give a website a competitive edge. In the extremely competitive world of search engine ranking (SERPS) positions, can you afford to ignore even the smallest areas of potential benefit?

Why is On-Site SEO Important

SEO experts will always suggest optimizing critical elements of a website, such as a title, headlines, and image descriptions to include target keywords. They are also likely to recommend that the main text content consists of the right keywords, that is to say, enough to attract the attention of search engines, but not so much that the site is likely to be taken into consideration. And also that the keywords appear in the first few hundred words of the page and the first sentence.

The main text, or body text, of a web page is the text that a human user can see. It does not include any of the HTML tags used to create the page, but it is used by search engines to determine the purpose of the page. For this reason, the body of the text must do precisely that.

It is often surprising when the content is written for a new web page, to know what the search engines consider to be the essential subject of a page and what the website owner is trying to convey. A glance at the free keyword analysis tool and Google’s analysis tool can give an immediate indication if the content is well optimized for the keywords you have chosen. (https://www.rankno1.co.uk/seo/london.html)

Note that “black hat” techniques to hide the text in the body of the book so that human users cannot see it, such as tiny fonts or a font color equal to the background color plan, are techniques that the main search engines know. These are techniques that could ultimately lead to the criminalization of blacklisting of a website. An ethical “white hat” approach to on-site referencing will allow better and more sustainable results for reputable companies. (https://www.rankno1.co.uk/seo.html)

But there are also other things on the site to consider, and each of these must be fully optimized to get the most out of competition within the search engines. Each part of a web page that contributes positively or negatively to SEO on the site has a minor or significant influence on SERPs. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the work of on-site to reflect the importance of a particular element for the search engines and, of course, ultimately for the ranking position of your website and the online success of the company. (rankno1.co.uk)


An excellent place to start is to list all parts of a website, in order of importance that should be looked at as part of a search engine optimization campaign on the site. To be sure that a website has been optimized as wholly as possible, each of these parts of a website must be methodically examined for the following three critical factors: keyword usage, density, and a total number of words compared with leading competitor websites.